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Bracelet Size Guide

»Bracelet Size Guide



Step 1 : Measure your wrist perimeter by tape like below.

Step 2 : Add 1~2 cm on your wrist perimeter is your bracelet size.

Tight fit - If you want the bracelet to fit tight, then add 1cm to the wrist measurement. 
Regular fit - If you want bracelet to fit regular, then add 1.5cm to the wrist meausrement.
Loose fit - If you want the bracelet to fit looser, then add 2cm to the wrist measurement.

A poll for which fit is the best:

78.3% of women chose tight fit.
58.2% of man chose a regular or loose fit.
8.1% they want change loose fit to be tight fit.
9.7% stated they want change tight to loose fit.

If too heistate to decide, just contact us to help you.

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