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Return Terms

»Return Terms

To insure the highest quality standard and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.
You may return the item and get FULL refund of the amount (excluding shipping cost) if the item you have got is totally different than the original item and its cannot be changed or fixed. Please check our complete terms and conditions on below. 


  • Once an exchange is requested by the client. The client agrees to provide customer care with detailed proof (videos/pictures) showing the reasons for exchange or repair.
  • Client may exchange ordered item for noticeable flaws (decided level the of flaw with us) if problem can not solve. Client return back for improvements to insure maximum client satisfaction. CJbrand will handle all shipping charges.
  • Items cannot be exchanged for free, if it was made with special requests from the client.
  • Items cannot be exchanged for free, if wrong size measurements confirm from the client side. Only be exchanged for free, if the mistake was made from our side and we will be handling the costs of exchange and delivery. 
  • Client will be agreeing to a delivery period of 15-20 days from date of receiving the item for exchange if a request for exchange has been made for whatever reason.
  • Items that didn't with flaws cannot be exchanged for any given reason. After received happen unexpected damage, we can exchange and rework with basically cost on buyer.


  • If an item has been found with a major flaw after providing applicable evidence by client in videos/pictures within a 24 hours after client receiving the item and the item cannot be repaired or exchanged.
  • If delivery time exceeded 20 days after deposit received, client reject waiting and disagree the reasons of delayed delivery.
  • If items did not pass strict quality testing for gold karat and diamond/gemstone purity done by cjbrand or applicable testing authorities.
  • Note: Return refunds will be processed within 7-15 working days through bank transfer to clients personal bank account, clients will be asked to give bank account details to process the transfer of the amount by a bank wire.


  • If the client requested an order cancel within the first 2 days from order date. 10% of order total amount will be deducted from the refund as a penalty of the cost of production.
  • IF the client cancel an order beyond the first 3 days from order date. cancellation is not permitted and the client should wait for the order delivery as agreed.
  • If an order production time took over 20 days and the client did not agree for a wait and it is our reason,the client may cancel and get a full refund.
  • No excetions will be made to cancel the order if the reason of cancelation is not applicable to the terms mentioned above.
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